We welcome volunteers with a few or many hours to spare each week to help out with game & tool programming, concept art and 3D modelling.

Please use the JOIN US link to submit applications

C++ Programming Requirements:

The project currently requires general programming, tools programming, game
programming, network programming and engine & graphics programming; consisting
of 'large' and 'small' tasks.

General Programming Requirements:

There are a large number of requirements in the current stage of general programming,
consisting mostly of coding interface controls like edit boxes and the creation
of general actions (functions) to assist the games creation. An example of
a general programming task would be to produce an action that removes an entity
(object) from the scene (program/game environment); another task would involve
coding the caret (character insertion mark) within an edit box.
Urgent areas that need general code include glyphs (images & controls)
& object actions (like moving, loading, unloading, hiding and showing entities,
glyphs and scenes).

Tools Programming Requirements:

There are a number of tools we need developed to produce the game.
Small tools that require work include a battle calculator that simple simulates
attacks using the battle forumula for me and the level designers to use to
determine who is likely to win battles out of two units. A Spacecraft editor
is needed for artists to simple test how bitmap ships will look with various
attachments such as weapons and wing upgrades mounted on them (in layers of
bitmaps). More tools are required than these at a later time (such as a semi-transparent
PNG file saver DLL for my map builder, sprite previewer for the animators etc).
Tools I that have been started include the Sprite & Map Editor.

Game Programming Requirements:

This area of code is currently being started as most of its requirments start
in future stages, such as the games mechanics and AI. However, minor tasks
that need attention now include the detection of layer clicks (the clicking
of entities in the maps parallax layered content).

Network Programming Requirements:

This is to be a multiplayer game, to be run on a users PC as a server, who
manually or automatically invites other players into his game map. This area
of work has yet to be fully planned and any assistance with designing and planning
the network features would be most helpful. Those who would like to contrinute
network code can also volunteer to help plan this aspect with myself (game
designer) and the coders.

Engine & Graphics Programming Requirements:

The engine & graphics programming requirements require Open GL and Direct
X programming experience. Current tasks that need attention include the refinement
of the graphics API; improving its error handling, fully implementing Direct
X support for alternative game settings for people who have trouble with our
Open GL acceleration and improving the performance of the engine which has
minor issues with sprite smoothness as you might spot out on the engine demo.
There are a number of new ideas for features to be added to the engine all
the time, so programmers who make themselves available for engine programming
can expect new tasks to come in frequently.

3D Modelling Tasks :

3D models are required to be rendered to a bitmap for the game
sprites (animated game entities) or for use with textures and animation. We
require modellers to be able to come up with their own 3D interpetation of
a text description of an object, since we are very short of artists, no one
will sketch reference art for you at present. To join you can spend as little
as 3 hours with the project each week doing something simple like making weapon
projectiles and meteors; or many more hours doing more interesting stuff to
add to your portfolio like spacecraft and detailed scenery. It doesn't really
matter whether you use 3D Studio Max or Milkshape 3D, as long as they meet
the given specification and can be converted to OBJ files for backup and enhancement
in other programs.

Basic Modelling Requirements:

Prefabs need to be created including girders, pipe work, wires, metal surfaces,
vents, satellite dishes, guns, turrents, packages, devices, symbols, interface
elements, particle elements for particle effects, planets, meteors, rocks,
mountains, railings, pathways, cameras, space structures and more. These are
small models on their own but on a whole they are all necessary for so
many different in-game purposes.
Whether you want to contribute all or just one of these models in the next
week, still volunteer.

Creative Modelling Requirements:

Skilled modellers with more than the usual spare time for this project can
take the lead role in designing and modelling the game entities. Including
the spacecraft, weapons, mountable devices and detailed scenery. When I mention
creative modelling, this requires you to come up with your own ideas. We have
a few people involved with designing the game; but not enough man power to
design the models.
You can volunteer to work on map scenery; mostly consisting of outspace ship
stations and power stations, you will work closely with the lead artist discussing
how certain spacebases and scenery will look in a meeting. Then the artist
can produce a rough sketch for you to model or you would come up with your
own interpretation of the discussed requirement.
Volunteers who wish to focus on game entities like spacecraft and devices
would also have a discussion with the lead artist prior to designing
the required entitity based on the specification given.

Texture Modelling Requirements:

We often use 3D models to render textures, if you are capable of producing
metal and plastic surfaces for circuitry, space bases, spacecraft, interface
elements and gadgets; there is a great need for a library of textures for
many uses. We will need you to render an arial/side view of your surface with
minimal shadows for an artist to manipulate into a seamless texture (if neccessary)

If you are not very good with painting or producing shaders for your textures
then you can just produce bumpmaps (black and white surface) that someone
else can paint or shade digitally. A supply of the image and its model file
is required.

Animation Requirements:

Animation is a time consuming job in this project and requires a large amount
of spare time. Animation jobs includes particle effects for explosions, laser
beams, energy clouds etc. Other jobs include the rotation of
radar satellites, camera rotations, weapon sequences, indicators, interface
elements and more. These sequences will need to be exported to individual PNG
frames (or TGA/TIFF/PSD if PNG export is not available)

Art Tasks :

We require artists to produce a few or large quantity of textures for use with
our 3D models, characters based on their specifications, designs for space
bases and structures for use in level design, comic strip art and interface elements such
as symbols and message screens. Artists who prefer to work on paper can freely
volunteer for mostly concept art, digital artists can do concept art but
there is a need in this area of experiese for texture art and character portrait

There is a lot of cool stuff here to make for your portfolio that is exposed
with the game and websites, although because of the need of consistency and
unity in game art, you may need to temporarily adjust your usual style to that
of the current game art. Artists are welcome to enhance existing art, although
we are more interested in getting the incomplete art completed.

Texture & Tile Art Requirements:

We need 2D painted texures for 3D surfaces and tile art such as stars for
the games scenery. By downloading the engine demo, you will see that there
are already a large number of textures on the 3D objects and the entire background
consists of layers of tile art (stars). The game will not only take place in
outer space, but the players will also fly into planets; where the backgrounds
would obviously be clouds, land and water. Some maps will also be inside a
space base (like in Star Wars) where the players can land their ships and walk
about (all in arial view). If you are new to the idea of creating seamless textures for games, there
are game related resources available at: http://pixelmorgue.com/ and
elsewhere in this forum.

A texture or a number of textures you could contribute include :

Metals for spacecraft, devices, girders,
circuits, space bases, satellites, weapons, buttons, railings, containers,
computers, chambers, pipes, wire grids and more.