The Story

The year is 2104 - Fifty years after most of humanity has fled Earth after the sudden and withering attack of the Black Ship and its forces seeking to overthrow the UN. Many groups have been launched into the galactic wilderness seeking security and distance from the early anarchic groups. The haphazard nature of mass wormhole travel from Earth has scattered many thousands of individuals into clusters around the Galaxy. Factions are established in galactic regions for the purpose of protection, order and preservation of reasonable living conditions.

The UN changes and expands its jurisdiction beyond earth, but seeks to restore it. Three other factions also stand out as having great authority and power; The Galactic Task Force who fight against rebellion and terror. The Nebeucus Space Police, formed to restore order in the notorious crime filled region of Nebeucus. Also, the New Order who seek to expand, explore and control new regions. The opposing factions are large in number, rebellion and crime is on the increase. The big four have much work to do, new tactics need to be formed, space crews trained, spacecraft built, technology acquired and alliances established to help improve the worlds. Consequently, the opposing factions are also planning and are hard at work...

The Project

The Into The Black project, code named ‘Spacecraft’ has been under way for over two years; from just a few paragraphs of game design and a few lines of code; to a huge game plan and collaborative team project with a fictional series and tens of thousands of lines of code. The joining of Thunder-Power Software LTD and ETGames has led to progressive online development for the game and we look forward to its completion as much as the players will. Thunder-Power has the software design and development experience to take the game to all necessary levels; ETG aim to design and create a enjoyable and challenging game using talented volunteers and special creative tools.