Work Complete (Approximations)

Game Development 38%
Code 40%
Content 10%
Concept Art 30%
Game Design 75%

Current Build

Version 0.2 (Download)

Change Log

Spacecraft - 0.2
#0000299 [Graphics Programming][minor-normal] Random white pixels - resolved (Thales)
#0000286 [Game Programming][minor-high] Combine sprite & motion directions - resolved (Thales)
#0000300 [Graphics Programming][minor-normal] Push button wrong animation - closed (Thales)
#0000163 [General Programming][feature-normal] Support 0.2 glyph events - closed (MMK)
#0000302 [General Programming][feature-normal] Implement prototype filtering - closed (MMK)
#0000271 [Game Programming][minor-normal] Slow down on collision - closed
#0000260 [General Programming][minor-normal] Allow target & source to be supplied with events - closed (MMK)
#0000251 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Button Icon - closed (MMK)
#0000265 [General Programming][crash-normal] Entity Prototypes XML file is crashing the engine - closed (MMK)
#0000253 [Game Programming][feature-high] Build collision detector system - closed (Thales)
#0000235 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Handle composite entities - closed (Thales)
#0000236 [Game Programming][feature-high] Handle entity rotations - closed (Thales)
#0000261 [General Programming][feature-normal] Send event to actions - closed (MMK)
#0000259 [General Programming][minor-normal] Load sub-entity names - closed (Thales)
#0000280 [General Programming][feature-high] Build Register Trigger action - closed (MMK)
#0000273 [General Programming][minor-low] Provide more meaningful errors - closed (MMK)
#0000269 [General Programming][feature-high] Add event filtering - closed (MMK)
#0000274 [Software Architecture (Engineering)][feature-high] Separate scene from the scene loader - closed (MMK)
#0000267 [General Programming][feature-normal] Combined text and button glyph, text and checkbox glyph & text and radio button glyph. - closed (MMK)
#0000127 [General Programming][minor-normal] Add error handling to glyph factory - closed (MMK)
#0000268 [General Programming][feature-normal] Build event ID generator - closed (MMK)
#0000276 [General Programming][feature-high] Support property arrays in console - closed (Khaled_912)
#0000282 [General Programming][feature-normal] Create filters factory - closed (MMK)
#0000283 [General Programming][feature-normal] Create actions factory - closed (MMK)
#0000293 [Tools][minor-normal] Image Collector Indexing - closed (mjbshaw)
#0000288 [General Programming][minor-low] Listbox background transparency does not work - closed (MMK)
#0000284 [General Programming][minor-high] Missing console lines - closed (MMK)
#0000245 [General Programming][minor-normal] CPlaySoundAction not working with new design - closed (dustprog)
#0000250 [Audio Programming][major-normal] Audio playback should be asynchronous - closed (dustprog)
#0000277 [General Programming][tweak-low] Remove redundant mouse pointer - closed (dustprog)
#0000281 [General Programming][feature-normal] Create events factory - closed (MMK)
#0000153 [Engines][feature-normal] Support Ogg Vorbis - closed (jonas)
#0000130 [General Programming][feature-low] Build hierarchical profiler - closed (jonas)
#0000270 [General Programming][feature-low] Allow event filter chaining - closed (MMK)
#0000049 [General Programming][crash-normal] Release mode does not run - closed (MMK)
#0000016 [General Programming][feature-normal] Build a window/frame control - closed (MMK)
#0000211 [General Programming][minor-high] Parse console syntax - closed (Khaled_912)
#0000255 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Add SetAnimation action - closed (MMK)
#0000257 [Game Programming][minor-normal] Improve composite entity creation - closed (MMK)
#0000231 [Game Programming][minor-normal] Entity properties are not loaded - closed (MMK)
#0000209 [General Programming][minor-normal] Listbox background color not always set correctly - closed (msaad)
#0000217 [General Programming][feature-low] Standardize CTPString - closed (ColonelKorn)
#0000210 [Engines][feature-low] Modify graphics API to support switching rendering targets - closed (Thales)
#0000241 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Build keyboard controller - closed (Thales)
#0000151 [Engines][feature-low] Support image writing - closed (dustprog)
#0000234 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Design entity motion mechanism - closed (Thales)
#0000184 [General Programming][minor-high] Support ListBox glyph - closed (dustprog)
#0000028 [General Programming][minor-low] XML Parser can't handle back slashes - closed (msaad)
#0000258 [General Programming][minor-normal] Allow querying of child entities - closed (MMK)
#0000040 [Game Programming][feature-high] Animate scene loader entities - closed (MMK)
#0000183 [General Programming][minor-low] Update GUI factory methods - closed (MMK)
#0000036 [Engines][minor-low] OpenAL subsystem does not compile with latest SDK - closed (jonas)
#0000019 [General Programming][minor-normal] Refine XML Parser - closed (msaad)
#0000246 [General Programming][crash-normal] Latest binary build does not run: Error Received: 'The specified module could not be found' - closed (MMK)
#0000242 [Tools][feature-normal] Asset List - closed (ColonelKorn)
#0000171 [Graphics Content][minor-normal] New Star Sprites moving once a movement key is pressed. - closed (MMK)
#0000224 [Game Programming][minor-normal] Introduce a middle layer in entity creation - closed (MMK)
#0000233 [General Programming][trivial-low] Supplied FPS cap is not used - closed (Thales)
#0000155 [Engines][minor-normal] Make sprite motion smoother - closed (Thales)
#0000167 [General Programming][feature-normal] Implement SpawnEntity action - closed (MMK)
#0000152 [Engines][feature-low] Support hardware scaling - closed (Thales)
#0000194 [General Programming][feature-normal] Allow profiler freezing - closed (jonas)
#0000169 [General Programming][feature-low] Implement EndGame action - closed (MMK)
#0000170 [General Programming][feature-high] Design the game console - closed (MMK)
#0000181 [General Programming][minor-low] XML Parser some times miss characters at start - closed (msaad)
#0000182 [General Programming][feature-normal] Add query character to static text - closed (jonas)
#0000206 [Tools][feature-high] Build sprite aggregation tool - closed (TommyBerg78)
#0000213 [General Programming][feature-low] Allow pasting into edit boxes - closed (MMK)
#0000168 [General Programming][feature-normal] Support DestroyEntity action - closed (MMK)
#0000207 [General Programming][minor-normal] Clicking on console text crashes - closed (jonas)
#0000208 [General Programming][minor-normal] Console is repeatedly recreated - closed (MMK)
#0000020 [General Programming][minor-normal] XML Parser does not ignore comments - closed (msaad)
#0000187 [General Programming][feature-low] Add descriptive property exceptions - closed (MMK)
#0000188 [General Programming][trivial-low] Remove legacy property system files - closed (MMK)
#0000176 [Framework][major-high] Support dynamic array properties - closed (msaad)
#0000141 [General Programming][feature-normal] Refine dynamic properties system - closed (msaad)
#0000185 [General Programming][feature-high] Design glyph messaging system - closed (MMK)
#0000008 [Engines][major-normal] Slow OpenGL text output - closed (jonas)
#0000021 [General Programming][minor-low] Refine CTPString class - closed (msaad)
#0000177 [General Programming][feature-normal] Support more edit box input symbols - closed (MMK)
#0000157 [Engines][feature-normal] Support triggered keyboard input events - closed (MMK)
#0000014 [General Programming][feature-normal] Build Edit Box control - closed (MMK)
#0000156 [Engines][feature-normal] Support triggered mouse input events - closed (MMK)

Spacecraft - 0.1
#0000024 [General Programming][feature-normal] Build XML Glyphs Factory - closed (MMK)
#0000131 [General Programming][minor-normal] Add central assets collection - closed (MMK)
#0000148 [General Programming][feature-normal] Build frame-based progress bar - closed (MMK)
#0000140 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Support advanced sprites - closed (MMK)
#0000139 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Animate Checkbox glyph - closed (MMK)
#0000125 [General Programming][feature-normal] Support loading static text glyphs - closed (MMK)
#0000037 [General][minor-normal] Provide user specified map launching in Map Previewer - closed (MMK)
#0000009 [Engines][crash-urgent] OpenGL crashes on large images - closed (jonas)
#0000143 [Engines][minor-normal] OpenGL fullscreen mode does not occupy all screen - closed (jonas)
#0000042 [General Programming][trivial-low] Binaries\Libraries folder is too large - closed (MMK)
#0000010 [Engines][major-high] OpenGL text does not clip from left - closed (jonas)
#0000138 [Tools][feature-low] Name Randomizer - closed (Shakedown)
#0000123 [General Programming][feature-normal] Support loading check box glyphs - closed (MMK)
#0000033 [General Programming][feature-low] Write comments conversion utility - closed (hen_amaral)
#0000122 [General Programming][feature-normal] Support loading push button glyphs - closed (MMK)
#0000129 [General Programming][minor-normal] Animate push button - closed (MMK)
#0000132 [General Programming][crash-normal] Animation sequence direction takes invalid values for glyphs - closed (MMK)
#0000025 [General Programming][feature-normal] Update Glyph XML tag syntax to include 0.1 glyphs - closed (MMK)
#0000027 [Game Programming][major-high] Wrong bounds for sprites in scene loader - closed (MMK)
#0000013 [Game Programming][feature-normal] Implement Parallax - closed (MMK)
#0000022 [Game Programming][feature-high] Integrate Glyphs into SceneLoader - closed (MMK)
#0000023 [Game Programming][minor-normal] Allow tiled backgrounds in Scene Loader - closed (MMK)
#0000039 [General Programming][feature-normal] Build core library - closed (MMK)
#0000035 [General][tweak-low] Change camera movement keys in Map Previewer - closed (MMK)
#0000029 [General Programming][minor-normal] Restructure Solution - closed (MMK)
#0000031 [General Programming][major-normal] Application fails to start on other machines - closed (MMK)
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