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Into The Black is designed to bring favourable elements seen in modern online role playing games and classical space flight games into one viable Indie-Game.

Game Experience

Into The Black challenges the thinking and spaceflight control skills of players using Role Playing structure, based on a series of stories. Play as a captain of a space crew in one of four factions. Hire and train special crew member’s onboard ship. Acquire technology to enhance your equipment and weaponry. Customize your ship to your needs and obtain required materials and resources to enhance it. Enter solo or multiplayer battle scenarios where every skill point, device, hit point and crew member counts.
Game Engine

Into The Black will run on a sprite based engine, using 3D rendered scenery along with hand drawn characters. Most of the game takes place on a parallax layered top view play area.


Establish an online character profile that represents you within the game world and an online lobby. Choose interesting personality traits ideal for your playing style. Improve your characters skills, experience and qualifications to help rise up in ranks. Outplay your friends or team up with them to challenge the AI.


I2B will contain two ways of attacking; automatic and manual. This will give players more options in combat compared to RPGs and MMORPGs that only feature automatic  click and fire. With cheaper manual fire weapons, the players must manoeuvre and aim towards a target themselves, allowing players to use skill as well as strategy. Expensive automatic weapons are vital for long range attacks, forcing the players to earn resources well and to choose their weapons wisely.

Unit skills such as attack, defense and range play a vital part in your battles; and are dependant on how well you tweak your character, the crew and the spacecraft. Keep your crew motivated to avoid poor performance, by winning more battles and developing desirable traits in the captain. Choose between a large array of weapons, force fields and devices based on your technology to aid your advancement in the game.


The game is set in the 22nd century, starting from the year 2104. The pseudo-futuristic sci-fi environment contains galaxies and regions filled with conflicts, organized crime, special forces, creatures, security bases, space stations, planets, meteors, minerals, faction head quarters and mother ships.

Music and Sound

Our general music features cyberpunk or futuristic dance. Designated music will use a larger range of genres that best suite each scene (from exciting to chilling) & faction (from minor cyber-gangs to major regional nations) that they are created for. Our sound will be in stereo format using OGG compressed music & sound files.


Our engine is built with C++ and the .Net Framework. The game will operate on the Windows Platform using PNG graphic files, OGG sound files and AVI movie files.

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If you are a C++ programmer or artist wanting to join our project, fill out a volunteer form to get into contact with us; or email