I2B Team

The spacecraft project is developed and maintained by a group of dedicated and talented members that have spent long hours working on this project to make it happen. Our development group is divided into two teams: Thunder Power is the development group responsible for the software design and implementation. They are responsible for creating the game engine and everything it requires. And E-Team, the content development group responsible for providing the game designs, plot, and art. In short,they create the soul of Spacecraft. Below is the full listing of the team members:


Chris Tate

Lead Software Architect:

Mokhtar M. Khorshid

Lead Artist:

Vangelis Drosos


Kevin Ryu

Oskari Mäkimattila

Chris Tate

Blake R.

Lead Programmer:

Michael Saad


John Alway

Jonas Kaulakis

Dustin Watson

Jason Rogers

Khaled Hafez

Garrett Hoofman

Riccardo Maria

Michael Bradshaw

Game Designers & Writers:

Chris Tate

Eli Owens

Sound Engineer & Composer:

Dan Reynolds

Science Advisor:

Blake R.


Mahmoud Kasdi

Eli Owens

Chris Tate

Vangelis Drosos

Past Contributors:

Philip Murray (Writer)

Chris Gilbert (Consultant)

Ben L (Programmer)

Hamsta (Artist)

Mohamed Baki (Artist)

Henrique Amaral (Programmer)

Tommy Bergquist (Programmer)