Welcome to the volunteer project website for Into The Black, the role playing game of the galaxy. Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer, you will find elements in the completed game specially developed and fine tuned to entertain you, while you emerge into challenges of crew management and galaxy living. Browse our website for interesting details. Obtain a relish for our retro gaming style shown inside the gallery. Inform yourself about the game structure shown in the information section. Enjoy our short comic strip. If involved in game development and art, why not volunteer to help build the game or enhance this website.


Purpose of the game

Take command as Captain of your own ship in one of four unique human factions as part of the intriguing galaxy within Into The Black (I2B). Each faction has their complete story to explore. Rise up from the lower ranks, increasing experience and wealth as you encounter varied and compelling challenges. Explore the limits of your skill against adversaries ranging from ferocious to bizarre to diabolical. Choose your ship, your crew, configure your weapons and equipment, and launch into your adventure. Make money, preserve peace, impress your friends, and explore the depths of space in the spacecraft that you've customized to perfection.

You make the decisions, so make the right ones. What kind of Captain will command your ship? Select your Captain's personality to suit your style. Crew members each bring their own unique contribution to their stations as well. Find the right ship and modify it with enhanced equipment and weapons. Harness new technologies to equip or sell. Set your course and see what the next system holds. This is no mindless shooter. Save the Galaxy your way. Take Command.